Omnium is a dominant player in the  domestic pharmaceutical industry supplying a complete range of products and delivery systems including syringes, vials, ampoules, cartridges and special articles of glass & polymer tubing.

Rapid advances in the pharmaceutical industry require innovative packaging solutions and Omnium can supply such. Omnium experts work closely with our principals and customers to provide packaging to protect the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical products at optimal cost.


Our Pharmaceutical division offers a broad portfolio of pharmaceutical ingredients.

Omnium represents state-of-the-art manufacturers providing supply chain integrity and high quality products which confirm to local requirements and regulations for APIs, finished dosage forms and generic products.
We support our customers’ R&D and product development teams throughout the entire process.


Integrity, professionalism, innovation and expertise have earned us the respect of  our customers, both large and small; our work ethic and credibility have enabled us to successfully grow our business and that of our principals.

We are dedicated and driven to provide the best and most suitable equipment to meet every aspect of Customers’ manufacturing requirements.